A Dream Team

Of Professional Financial Planners


Strive to grow efficiently and creatively with the tools, framework, ideas and suggestions provided by the members of the group. Achieve positive measurable results by tapping into each members’ successes.


Each of four Mastermind levels will be comprised of financial planners with similar industry experience and yearly revenues who are leaders in their community, believe in charity and are looking to improve their work environment while allowing for more leisure time.


Mastermind members will have comparable business goals with similar growth problems and have a strong commitment to improving their practice while being accountable to one another.

Four Exclusive Levels of Financial Planners
  • Mastermind groups with like-minded individuals who are accountable, committed and geared to obtaining growth in their practice.
  • Membership requires 100% commitment to seeing each member succeed by providing one another with proven and tested market approaches and office efficiencies.
  • Members are looking to elevate their practice to a higher level and are looking for help and are open to suggestions from other members. No need for more empty marketing programs or counting on support that never comes to fruition.

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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

Membership Promise

I won’t suggest you will experience the level of success that Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, Luther Burbank and Warren G. Harding had with their Mastermind Group. But I can say that your chances of elevating your current level of success are going to be substantially greater by becoming a member of the 21st Century Wealth Mastermind Group. Speaking from experience, I have personally doubled my income more than once by enlisting the help of practicing planners who were committed to helping planners like myself achieve their goals. Mastermind groups aren’t new but great ones are scarce and my promise to you is that this will be a great one!

Ask me about the special discount for the first 5 registrants in each group!

– Wesley Forster, Founder

Member Profile
  • Likeminded people with similar business goals.
  • Members have a desire to grow and become more efficient while meeting and exceeding base income levels:
    $1,000,000+ per year for enrolment in Diamond Level ($29,995 membership fee)
    $700,000 per year for enrolment in Platinum Level ($19,995 membership fee)
    $450,000 per year for enrolment in Gold Level ($9,995 membership fee)
    $200,000 per year for enrolment in Silver Level ($6,995 membership fee)
  • Ability to meet 3-4 times a year at a 2 or 3 day event.
  • Desire to participate fully in group meetings to help one another achieve success.
  • Willing to go through an interview process to ensure there is a fit for both the group and the individual Member.

Join me for a one on one interview so we can determine whether or not this is a good fit.  Mastermind groups plan to begin upon reaching 5 members or more.  Don’t delay, schedule your interview today as membership is exclusive and extremely limited.

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