“If I had to start all over again in this business, this is exactly what I would be looking for to turbo boost my practice. It takes far too long to learn all the tricks of the trade and far too expensive to make all the mistakes of trial and error.”

About Wesley Forster

Wesley Forster is a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and R.F.P. (Registered Financial Planner) practicing since October 1984; author of Know You Can: How to Become Financially Fit in 90 Days.

His practice is primarily in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and he lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. He commutes back and forth in his personal airplane utilizing his commercial pilot’s license.

Forster has a business partner in Calgary, Warren White, who has been with him since 1996 and together they have built a very successful practice. HSI Financial Group Inc. employs seven full time employees and has seen revenues as high as $2.5 Million in a year.

Throughout his career Wesley has explored many practice management, marketing, and coaching programs, some of which have been successful and others not so much.

He explains that “although these programs are often sold as turn-key, more often than not they require significant adjustments to work for my practice or be applicable to work well in my location at all.”

Hence his desire to create a Mastermind Group that has a target profile of members committed to succeed with the added advantage of working together by sharing ideas, projects, office efficiencies and referrals.

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